Now Booking Epoxy Floor Jobs For July, 2024

Booking Epoxy Floor Jobs For July, 2024

Pilmer Epoxy Floor Company

Pilmer Epoxy installs commercial grade epoxy systems for both residential and commercial customers! Turn any concrete surface into a showroom floor!

Epoxy Floor Company

Professional Grade Epoxy

Don’t fall victim to 1 day epoxy floor installations! Pilmer Epoxy applies a durable 3 layer epoxy system over 3 days. When finished you’ll have a beautiful floor resistant to most chemicals, scratches, and object impact.

Epoxy Floor Business

Here's What To Expect


Let us know about your project! Use our estimate form or call us! Feel free to ask any questions. 


FLOOR PREPERATION: Diamond grind surface of concrete, fill voids/cracks, clean floor, apply first layer of epoxy


SECOND EPOXY LAYER: First epoxy layer is inspected and any flaws are corrected. Second layer of epoxy is applied


URATHANE TOPCOAT: A protective Urethane topcoat is applied to the surface. Floor Is Complete! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose from 50 available epoxy colors. See all of our epoxy and flake color options.

See all of our flake and epoxy color options.

We offer 3 pattern options and each follows the same epoxy floor coating system, which includes both a primer coat and a build coat of our commercial-grade epoxy floor coating and a high quality top coat for added protection and traction. The pattern options are:

1. Solid Color Epoxy
2. Flake on Solid Color Epoxy
3. Full Flake Epoxy

The difference between the patterns are the amount of flake. Our Solid Color Epoxy pattern has no flake, just solid colored epoxy. Our Flake on Solid Color Epoxy pattern is the same as the Solid Color Epoxy pattern with some flakes speckled throughout. While the Full Flake Epoxy pattern option uses clear epoxy and all color comes from the flakes that fully coat the floor between 2 coats of clear epoxy.

Fill out our Estimate Form and we'll email you an estimate based on the information you provide us. 

To schedule simply click the schedule button in the top left. 

Total Square Feet of Irregular Floor Surface = (Length of A x Width of A) + (Length of B x Width of B) +  (Length of C x Width of C)

No, request an estimate to get a quote.

Yes, remove all items from the area to be epoxied before we show up. A good solution is to rent a portable storage container, move them to another room, or place the objects outside with a tarp covering.

It's important to note that concrete slabs are poured with crack control  cuts. These are straight groves in the concrete that prevent cracks from spreading. When we refer to cracks we're not referring to control cuts. Cracks are unintentional breaks between pieces of the concrete slab, which may be a grading issue and sign of water related issues or typical shifting as a slab settles. Due to the added material costs and additional labor, cracks that are beyond 1/2 inch wide and greater than 1 inch deep will require an additional charge. Deeper and wider cracks are more likely to be visible after epoxy floor installation. 

If a floor has an excessive amount of cracking and the amount of material needed to fill cracks is greater than average, we may require an additional charge to complete the project. You'll be notified upon inspection of the floor before we begin the installation process. If you're concerned that your floor has an excessive amount of cracking, be sure to notify us prior to your installation appointment. 

If the floor has cracking and the concrete slab has shifted enough to make each side of the crack uneven or unlevel, we may not be able to accept the project. If the uneven area is less than a 1/4 inch difference between the parts of the slab, we can grind the area to create a smoother transition between the uneven surfaces, but we'll not be able to guarantee a completely level surface. 

No. You don't need to be home during floor installation. If you will not be present during installation, please provide us with instructions on how to gain access. This could be a garage code, location of a hidden key, code for a digital lock, or instructions as simple as "the north side man door of the garage will be unlocked."

Our epoxy floor installation is a 3 day process. If a moisture vapor barrier is required, an additional day will be required. When planning for your installation, be sure to include additional time to to allow the epoxy floor coating and top coat to fully cure before subjecting it to high traffic or heavy objects (vehicles, large tool boxes, etc.).  See more in our "After Installation" section on this page. 

  • Day 1: The floor is cleaned and prepared for a primer coat. Cracks are filled. Primer coat is laid. Flake is applied.
  • Day 2: A thicker build coat is added.
  • Day 3: Our high quality top coat is added for further protection and improved traction.

Light foot traffic can occur 24 hours after the top coat is applied. 

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