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Thank you for contacting Pilmer Epoxy. Below you’ll find information on our epoxy floor pricing. 

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Epoxy Floor Cost

First obtain total square feet of your job (length x width). Then multiply job square feet by the appropriate cost below.

  • 500 Sq/Ft & Lower 7.00$ Sq/Ft
  • 501 Sq/Ft & Higher 6.75$ Sq/Ft
  • 1000 Sq/Ft & Higher 6.50$ Sq/Ft

Flooring Conditions

If your floor has abnormal cracking, water issues, or excessive chipping then additional cost maybe required. Please note we can not install epoxy floors on concrete slabs that have cracking in excess of 1/2 in width. Also the height difference between two slabs (on each side of a crack) can not be more than 1/4 inch difference. Concrete control cuts (straight cuts made by a saw) are acceptable.

Epoxy Floor


Not Acceptable

If you have any questions about the condition of your concrete floor please feel free to CONTACT US

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