Now Booking Epoxy Floor Jobs For June, 2024

Booking Epoxy Floor Jobs For June, 2024

Epoxy Floor Services

Pilmer Epoxy Services provides commercial grade epoxy floors to residential customers in the central Iowa area. Specializing in epoxy floors for residential customers. We are home of the actual estimate cost guarantee. This means what we quote you will be what we charge you not a penny more. An epoxy floor is a great way to increase the value of your garage or concrete floor. 

Get Your Actual Cost Estimate Now

Receive an actual cost estimate. What we quote you will be what we charge you 100% guaranteed.

High Strength Epoxy System

Our 3 coat epoxy floor coating system is offered in solid color, flake on solid color, and full flake patterns. Choose from 50 epoxy color options and 18 flake color options.

Not A DIY Low Grade Epoxy Floor

Pilmer Epoxy Services only offers the highest quality epoxy system. Do not fall victim to the 1 day epoxy floor installation systems. Pilmer applies a 3 layer epoxy system over 3 days that is a tough as nails. When finished you will have a beautiful floor resistant to most chemicals, scratches, and object impact. 

What Kind Of Floor Can Be Epoxied?

Concrete floors are typically what gets epoxied. The concrete can have cracking as long as the cracks are level with each other. The slabs of concrete need to be settled. Shifting concrete will need addressed prior to epoxy. Typical slab movement from seasonal temperature change is acceptable. In addition, the concrete must be dry when the epoxy is applied. When completed the floor becomes one solid epoxy sheet with all cracking filled and covered with the floor epoxy system. 

Epoxy Floor

3 Day Commercial Grade Epoxy Installation

Day 1

Surface Prep & Layer 1

We start by preparing the surface to accept epoxy. This includes crack repair, crack filling, concrete surfacing, and cleaning. Then we apply the first layer of epoxy with flake coloring if ordered.

Day 1

Day 2

Layer 2 Application

The next day (after first layer has dried). We then assess and flaten flake coloring. Then we apply a second layer of epoxy. 

Day 2

Day 3

Top Coat Application

On the last day we apply the top coat which helps protect against chemicals and scratching. 

Day 3
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