Now Booking Epoxy Floor Jobs For May, 2024

Booking Epoxy Floor Jobs For May, 2024

About US

Pilmer Epoxy was born out of a love for hangar floors….

Michael has been an aircraft mechanic since 2011. Having worked all over the country on small and large aircraft his favorite place to work on aircraft was inside a hangar… That is a hangar with a nice epoxy floor! It’s hard to appreciate an epoxy floor until your working on one all the time! Then the benefits start stacking up.

– No more laying down on dirty concrete floors

– Oil and other chemical spills are a breeze to clean up

– When you drop something you can see it easier (depending on floor coloring)

– Light reflects off epoxy floors providing for better aircraft inspections

– Don’t forget the most important benefit… They look GREAT!

Eventually Michael decided to epoxy his garage floor. It didn’t take long before family and friends visiting Michael’s house wanted an epoxy floor too. So Pilmer Epoxy was born…

Why Choose Pilmer Epoxy?

Attention to detail is a requirement in the aviation industry. Pilmer Epoxy adopts this same mindset to ensure every floor is installed correctly and to the customers standards. 

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